about Portland

Portland is considered as the largest city in the state of Oregon. It is home to more than 600,000 people making it the 28th most populous city in the United States. There are many people who consider relocating to Portland, Oregon for many good reasons.

Why Move to Portland?

Portland is a city that boasts of its mass transit system that other larger cities can only hope for. While it is the largest city in Oregon, it offers a small town feel to its residents. There are many reasons for moving to Portland such as due to its good transportation system, ambiance, scenic spots, and so much more. Portland is a city that is close to the scenic Oregon coast, Mount Hood, and the infamous Mount St. Helens. Beyond the cityscape are acres of natural forests that are good for camping, hiking, and fishing.

The outskirts of the city are not the only place that is green. The city itself embraces eco-friendly policies thus you can see a lot of green buildings all over the city. In fact, the city ranks as the top in the nation in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Designs (LEED) developments. Examples of famous green buildings in Portland include the Bud Clark Commons and the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building. Ranked as the number one city for bicycle commuting, you get to do several activities at one time—save gas, get an exercise, and still arrive at work on time. So if you are moving into this wonderful city, don’t forget to bring your own bicycle.

When it comes to its laid-back atmosphere, it is the city for “hippies.” So you can see a lot of folks who are into urban gardening, collecting rainwater, raising their own chickens (in the city!) and supporting their local coop. It may be the only city where you will meet a suit-wearing CEO doing yoga outdoors during his or her lunch hour. The city itself provides a relaxing atmosphere that grows on everyone. The laid-back atmosphere is also the reason why Portland is such an artsy city and with dozens of flourishing art galleries like the Pearl District, Alberta Arts, Portland Art Museum and the Attic Museum to name a few.

Aside from art museums, Portland is also home to many local Oregon breweries. The city is home to the Oregon Brewer Festival—the largest beer festival in the entire North American continent. And what pairs well with hang-over? Coffee! The people are just as dedicated to drinking coffee as beer. Specialty coffee also takes center stage in Portland, Oregon where you can find numerous coffee shops in the heart of the city. Streets like the 13th Avenue, 3rd Avenue, and Oak Street are dotted with small cafes that serve eclectically flavored coffee.

Undeniably, Portland, OR is a great place to live. It is a large city with an ambiance of a quaint town, thus, you can enjoy your time living in this city. If you are still undecided about Portland, seeking help from a reliable and professional Portland, Oregon real estate team—Lifestyle Homes of Portland. We can help you look for reliable properties that fit not only your budget but also your personal preferences.